De la Bulgarie à la Turquie

From Zvedetz to Izmir

It's with the Eurolines Bus that I travel this time. I love the autobus, but most of all : I am scared by planes. I want to travel with a free mind. That's why I love Eurolines, Touring, Greyhound - I know them all. I love to read, listen to music, and entering this sweet world full of different people.

My name is George. Together with my family, we run a small wood-business : my dad goes through Europe and gets the best wood (often in Slovenia and Austria), my mum, my uncle and my big brother work with the wood and create massive sculptures for expensive luxury stores, and I organise the logistics. I am 21, I left school with 15.

With my father, we travel twice a year to Turkey : the wood is cheaper there, people are friendly, the products are high-quality. But to reach our goal, we need to overcome two frontiers : from Bulgaria to Istanbul, and from Istanbul to Izmir. Everyone loves Istanbul, I don't. Istanbul filters people like us. The frontier is quite discriminatory : we sometimes have to wait 3 hours to cross the border even with our recent European passports, then another 2 hours to check the car for possible drugs or illegal things. On the way back, same procedure.

But there is also Güldün. She works within a bigger Wood-company in Izmir and sometimes brings the wood to the frontier. I love these moments, when she arrives, together with her colleague and the big truck, with a bright smile and sweet eyes. And it makes things easier. She is turkish, and always brings us to the best restaurant near the border. She knows everyone, policeman don't even check us when she is there.

But this time, I travel with the Eurolines bus, direct to Izmir, in Güldüns arms. Without wood. During these moments, I love crossing Istanbul. And I could even imagin going hands in hands with Güldün through the Bazar in southern Instanbul, listening to these romantic Minarets. I could eve imagine waiting 3 hours at the border...

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